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Reply To: Planning for a child- Help

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Ash- your time is conducive for conception (although your planets have +ve and -ve combination for child birth). You are currently under Moon-Mer period from 22/1/2017 to 23/6/2018 and Mercury is in star of Ketu with Saturn as sublord (lord of children). Both Saturn and Venus have Rahu as sublord in your horoscope, so doing Saturn & Rahu beej mantra will help you further.

Jupiter in your ascendant till Sep 2017 and Saturn in 3rd house aspecting 5th house till Oct 2017 is good for child birth.

Wife- this horoscope is a bit weak but she will beget child. Her time is conducive for conception as currently she is running Mercury Mahadasha (lord of children) and Rahu antradasha till 26/3/2018 (good time as Rahu is in nakshatra of Rahu but has Mercury as sublord). Mercury is weak (due to being in 8th house, having minor combustion and deep Saturn affliction which delays progeny) but wearing emerald or chanting mercury beej mantra 23000 times in 21 days will help.

You both should seek medical/doctor advice. Astrology is no substitute for medicines and it will reduce your suffering as well.

God bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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