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you have a decent horoscope and 7th house of business/partnership is very prominent in your horoscope vs doing a job. You are under Mahadasha of Jupiter which has excellent combination for business (in star of Sun and Rahu as sublord placed in 11th house) but due to combustion by Sun has become weak to give positive results. You have a lot of potential to excel in creative/speculative/communication fields.

You depression should reduce from September 2017 as Jupiter will move to your 9th house and things should be bright as Saturn will move to your 11th house from Oct 2017.

You would be under Jup-Ven (18/2/2018 to 19/10/2020) and this period seems challenging as Venus is in 8th house in horoscope. So use this as a time to upgrade skills in your field or learn a new skillset.

Period from 19/10/2020 to 8/4/2026 will be much better for success and gains.

Good luck,
Astrologer Deepak

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