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Hi Nithi,

IT is exactly the right field for you as 10th lord Mars is 3rd lord (house of IT) as well. You will do much better in consulting or doing part time projects where you are the boss as 10th lord Mars is placed in 7th house of own business and 7th lord Sun is in 9th house.

You are under Jupiter Mahadasha since 25/1/2017 until 2033 and things show a bright trend upwards from Oct 2017 as Jupiter will move to your 9th house of Luck (most important planet for you) and Saturn will move to 11th house of gains (right now alot of Mayhem till these two planets change). Jupiter is placed in nakshatra of 10th lord Mars with Mercury as sublord.

My advice will be to patiently continue your efforts till end of year and as I said before + also Mr TMR mentioned, we see you getting a good job. Plan how to pace your professional development over next few yeyars to do your own business one day (if PhD/other education is needed, you should think about studies when Jup-Sat period comes from 15/3/2019 to 25/9/2021. Saturn despite being lagna lord is not good for career and best way to pass a bad period is to go for studies to minimize ill effects.

God Bless you with success!
Astrologer Deepak

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