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Reply To: A question about astrology



Funny question. If you use logic, answer obviously lies in the middle. Life provides opportunities and platforms but the height to which an individual rises is determined to big extent via individual’s efforts + luck obviously as most successful people acknowledge (if there was no luck, all equally hardworking people will be successful which is not the case)

The family in which we are born and the physical disabilities (by birth) are pre-determined as we don’t have control over it (consciously). How we make best use of environment and progress further in life obviously has an element of free-will.

Otherwise try an alternate experiment which some people have tried: find a good period in your horoscope. Quit everything and sit at home as its your good period, so things should come automatically. The answer should become visible pretty soon.

Using astrology or pre-determined destiny as an excuse to not be pro-active/take ownership of outcomes in life is highly unfortunate.
Astrologer Deepak

P.S. in some states in India child marriage still happen. Is it because only girls in those states have marriage combinations before age of 18 in their horoscopes and other don’t? Society, surroundings, culture and free-will determines outcome as even those staying in cities may have marriage yogas before age of 24 but its uncommon to do child marriages in cities/well educated families. Same holds true for child birth where menstrual cycle is natural process and people do family planning vs relying on god to do it for them.