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Ketu-Saturn period was not good for you from 28/2/2016 to 7/4/2017. Your studies will go better in Ketu-Mercury period you are under now (7/4/2017-5/4/2018). You indeed should seek medical help as astrology cannot replace medical science and your horoscope is very powerful from career perspective. As your lagna lord moon is placed in 12th house in Chalit, you are a spiritual person (as Mr. Navneet said chanting hanuman chalisa will be helpful indeed).

You will start golden period of 20 years in form of Venus mahadasha from 5/4/2018. Venus is lord of gains for your ascendant and is placed in 11th house in Chalit in nakshatra of 10th lord Mars (placed in 9th house in Chalit) and with Mercury as sublord (placed in 10th house in Chalit). You will recover and will do well in career as well.

Try to go abroad during Venus period and things will take a better turn indeed.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak