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You are under Jupiter Mahadasha (lagna lord which is retrograde and placed in second house in Chalit). Also Saturn is transiting over your 10th house over its natal position indication a change for better.

Currently you are under Jup-Moon period from 21/8/2016 to 21/12/2017 and Moon is excellently placed in 11th house in nakshatra of Rahu with Rahu as sublord. This is strong time to appear for competitive exam. Jup-Mars period from 21/12/2017 to 27/11/2018 is above average as Mars as 9th house lord (luck) is placed in nakshatra of Saturn with Venus as sublord but is placed in 12th house in Chalit. Next good time to clear competitive exam would be in Sat-Sat period from 22/4/2021 to 25/4/2024 (which maybe beyond 32 year age limit of general category candidates)

You will start Saturn period of 19 years from 2021 which will take you to a good position in life post tremendous hardwork as Saturn is placed in nakshatra of Ketu with Rahu as sublord showing combination for success and struggle.

You can definitely rise above being a C grade government employee.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak