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Reply To: Career, marriage and marriage partner


Being a teacher, you should know that astrology cannot predict the type of questions you have asked. Obviously you are no good as an English teacher since the way you have framed the question is erroneous. Find it out for yourself!

Astrology cannot predict anything about the future. When you go to a doctor, what does he do? He gets all the medical lab reports and scanning reports and with such data, he comes to certain conclusions using logic and his medical knowledge and works out the possible diagnosis of the disease. He cannot predict exactly what is the disease by just looking at the patient. And from then on it is an elimination process by trial and error in the course of which the patient may get cured if his diagnosis is correct.

In a similar way astrology can only evaluate the strength or potency of the planets and houses which provide certain indications like Road Signs help the motorist in being warned about the road ahead. He cannot remove such obstacles ahead and then proceed. Instead he takes caution and take suitable actions as may be necessary like he slows down and be vigilant to ward off the obstacles lying ahead.

If astrology could predict the place of your future bride and give her vital statistics etc. we could even tell you her name, address and mobile number to make things easier for you.

You can read my blog to get an insight into the scope of astrology in life. Wayside astrologers have killed this science by predicting meaningless future events in one’s life and thus mislead the people as has been done in your case also which is well reflected in your questions asked.