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Hi Jyostna

in your chart Jupiter is the 7th lord . and Jupiter in Jupiter star .so jeeva is Jupiter and sareera is saturn . married life will be happy but some misunderstandings due to saturn.

7th house has sun and mercury. Both in ketu star. And ketu is 7th cusp star lord. As well as 11 cusp of gains for the person.

Ketu is house 4. So sun and mercury signify 1,3, 4, and 7 houses…so married life is happy …but with some adjustment problems as guru sub lord saturn is occupying 6 house and is lord of 8th house as well.
And ketu in 4 house possibility of marriage with mother side relatives..and life partner will be devoted to the native.

Current dasa is guru – mars and there after Guru and rahu till 2020. Though there will be some tensions if married in married life , and if un married Within, this period rahu sub period upto june 2018 is suitable . again the period march 2019 march 2020 is also suitable astrologically.