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Reply To: coconut offered to God

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Dear Ridhi, God is present in all living beings and the proof of that is the motility of the beings and their ability to take food up to the mouth after which they have no control over it till the waste is thrown out of the system. What all is needed is given to you by God since you and all living being are personification of God in various forms and his intention is the sustenance of this universe for which he needs the help of all living beings from ant ant to an elephant and a small fish to a Blue Whale. We are all similar to screw drivers in this universe and we do not have any capacity to do anything on our own and it is the one who holds the screw driver in his hand is the one to decide what should be done with you and for what purpose.

So just understand that you are only a screw driver and everything you do is prompted by God and you are living in karma kanda where you can never sit idle except while you are asleep which is needed to replenish your mind and system which again is controlled by God.

Praying to God is just acknowledging his presence which you must do. For more details read my article “Is there a God out there” and similar articles on my blog

When you complete the reading of all articles, you will fully understand what is God and why you are here in this world. Your own wishes and desires do not have any significance whatsoever and you are dancing to his tunes. You cannot bribe him to get a good life nor will he ever give you a bad life since we are all living in his interests and our success is in his best interests and therefore He will see to it that you do your best and what is required by him.

Also read and you will be better enlightened on spiritual knowledge by the time you complete the reading of the site in full.