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Reply To: Facing Marital Problems in Life

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Mr.Praveen Arora
Your lagna sub lord Saturn is in the star of Moon and sub of Venus(in 8th) and that Venus is in Ketu star. Ketu is in 2nd. Saturn Moon conjunction is there. You always worry unnecessarily about your family and creating troubles. So try to think and change yourselves.
There is no chance of separation. You will be happy after June 2018. 7th lord Mercury is in the star of Rahu and sub of Venus. Both are in 8th house (house of tensions and unnecessary worries). You will have unnecessary worries.
You are running Rahu-Moon-Saturn till 26-03-2018. Rahu-Moon-Mercury period is upto 12-06-2018. At present Rahu is transiting in 8th house. After July 2018 dasa lord crosses the 8th cusp and enters into 7th house.
As Mr.TMR sir advised please read Srimadmahabhagavatham you will get desired result.