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Navneet Khanna

Period can be provided bit you need to come through Paid analysis and that will be a very lengthy reading. As I need to calculate your upcoming transit and correlate with your horoscope. If you Buy 1 Year horoscope, you get lots of details on Finance, Marriage, Career etc in the coming period.

You are in the main period of Jupiter which is the 8th house lord and the Most malefic planet in your horoscope and Saturn. You are also in the period of Saturn Sadesati , this period is likely to be challenging and unsatisfactory for you on the career front. Aquarius sign falls in the 10th house and is lord Saturn has been earlier conjoined with Rahu and later retrograde, November 2014 onwards you will see changes happening on the career front. Saturn is the Yogakarka planet for you, therefore doing prayers of Saturn will be very beneficial.


Navneet Khanna

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