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The Dasas and antardasas are just like a management team. The lord of Mahadasa can be treated as the Mg.Director and the other planets form the board of directors. Lord of antardasa can be treated as Head of a Department, and the lord of Paryanthardasa can be treated as a Manager of certain functionalities, the lord of Sookshantardasa can be treated as an Asst. Manager and so on. All of these people together work for a common goal. Similarly in our life too all the planets are working for a common goal sharing themselves different times for their field of activity. In our life certain departmental heads may be weak and ineffective and we necessarily suffer on account of this. Those strong departmental heads provide us with happiness and success in their departments. And it goes on.

Astrology can only be used to evaluate these inherent strengths in us and adjust ourselves suitably. Make good use of your strong potencies and discard or soft pedal on weak planets significations where we are unlikely to succeed.

If you think you can change these potencies of the planets, you are living in a fool’s paradise. We are going to blindly follow the rhythm generated by the planets and we have no say in these matters. Just forewarned is forearmed.

I hope your doubts are clarified. In your case starting from 2015 your Mg.Director is Jupiter and you will have a better time depending on the strength or potencies of that planet. Yes you should consider the other departmental heads too and their strength and weaknesses to find out how successful or otherwise you will be in those departments.

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