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Navneet Khanna

Looking at your horoscope, we see that Jupiter sign is in the 7th house which is the prime house for marriage. Jupiter is exalted and posited in the 11th house which is the house of gains. Ketu in the 11th house aspects the 7th house of marriage. Mars in the 8th house makes you a strong mangalik. Mars in the 8th house makes you astham mangalik and therefore it would be prudent to match your horoscope properly before marriage and also to marry with a manglik partner.

You are presently in the Mahadasha of Mercury and the antardasha of Ketu. Doing the remedies of Mercury will certainly bring you gains, confidence and benefits.

Recite Bhudh Mantra ” Om Bhum Bhudaaya Namaha”


Navneet Khanna

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