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Kalsarp dosha in your Horoscope

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Navneet Khanna

In your Horoscope 10th house of profession lord Mars is in the 6th house which is of enemies, debt and court case and also debilitated. Ketu aspects Mars from the 2nd house. Mars in the 6th house the native has courage to fight his enemies, and as Mars is debilitated the native can do anything to crush his enemies. But debilitated Mars the native has less initiative and will be prone to taking hasty and reckless decisions. People you trust will behave like enemies. You need to make sure that you take any step with extreme care. As Scorpio is a fixed sign chances of you finding success are more in your own work. DO not take loans, enter partnerships, lend money to others.

Kalsarp dosha is very much there in your horoscope. Which will bring slow growth but gradual growth in life. You may get the Kalsarp dosha puja or atleast keep fast on Mondays to reduce the effect of Kalsarp Dosha.

Do the following remedies for success.

1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
2. Recite Mantra OM Namaha Shivaye 108 times daily.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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