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Marriage predictions based on date of Birth

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Navneet Khanna

Strong Saturn in its own Nakshatra Anuradha is in the 7th house and likely to delay marriage. Venus the signification of marriage and married life is exalted in the house of gains. As Mars rules the Scorpio sign in the 7th house of marriage and Mars the 7th lord is posted in the 12th house along with debilitated Rahu in the Navamsha chart. Marriage should be done after matching of the horoscopes only. Chances of love marriage are much indicated in the horoscopes however success of marriage will depend purely on the matching of the horoscopes, I mean Guna and Grah matching of the horoscope.

In case you are interested to know if the Boy has Mangal dosha, then NO , he is not Manglik as Mars is in its own Rashi Aries and also cojoined with Moon.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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