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Cancellation of Hamsa Yoga

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    Nishani De Silva

    Dear Sirs,

    Please help!

    Lagna-Dhanu Rashi
    Birth time:10:57 am
    Birth Date:29th oct 1987
    Place:Kandy, Sri Lanka

    My lord of lagna jupiter is in my 4th house with rahu
    I have also read that people born with hamsa yoga have a fish like, conch mark on their palm. Which I also have from birth below my index finger-a prominent mark from birth.

    Question-does rahu cancel hamsa yoga?
    Also i have lot of ancestral property that is in litigation for last 35 years.(in the family for 04 generations)

    When will the land disputes end?

    Thank You

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hmasa Yoga does not get cancelled as Jupiter and Rahu are far away when you look at their degrees. The Rahu mahadasha is going on and Ketu antardasha. The Rahu mahadasha ending period is more challenging. Losses, property disputes, tensions at home. Therefore you should try to solve things diplomatically, certainly keeping your interest in mind. The Jupiter mahadahsa is much stronger period for gains in your life.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Nishani De Silva

    Thank you sir

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    I born in Dhanur lagnam. Lagna lord Jupiter is in Lagnam. Is Hamsa yoga present in my Chart?
    Date of birth: January 7th 1996
    Time of birth: 6:33 AM
    Place of birth: Warangal

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    You have a Hamsa Yoga which is only 20.73% strong and Jupiter is a malefic inclined to do no good at all. So do not have much hopes on Hamsa Yoga.You have to work hard to live a 41% success factor in life.

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    Thanks for the information sir. I’ve gone through your website as well it shows lot of mathematical calculations involved in it. I really appreciate for those precise calculations. But one thing i didn’t understand is that how come Jupiter becomes a malefic for Sagittarius Ascendant people, since it’s both lagna lord, 4th lord. Jupiter is not involved in combustion though it’s in conjunct with 9th lord Sun. Sir, it would be pleasure if you can throw some light on my above statement if it’s wrong.

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    Nishani De Silva

    Mr.TMR Sir,

    Humbly asking to evaluate whether my hamsa yoga has strength or no good

    Birth Time :10:57 am
    Place: Kandy, Sri Lanka
    and date:29th oct 1987

    greatly obliged

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    Yes you do have a 47% strong Hamsa Yoga which will help you in being a spiritually learned person respected by others. No material pleasures will be given by this yoga.

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    Sir i have hansa yoga in 10th house. Bhadra yoga in ascendant.
    Guru chandal yoga also there and guru mahadasha running. how much strong is my yoga?. And i appreciate your work. Truly inspired being myself software engineer. Please guide as facing hindrance in every aspect of life.
    Birthdate: 28-05-1987
    Place : Gondal,Gujarat
    Time: 7.40 AM.

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