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    Dear Gurujis’ I seek your help with issues I am facing since long . I live in USA , my job position is being shifted in next 2 months to other state far from where I currently stay ,. At new state there will be low salary and less opportunities. I don’t want to leave the state and place where I am living now. I have been looking for a better job since 2 years now but always fail in interviews. I am having so much stress that keeps me always depressed. I also halted my plans of getting married. Will there is stability in my life ever in a job and marriage ? will I ever get desired job and wife? I would really appreciate about your help.

    Thank you so much. Jai Shriram.

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    My DOB 12th feb 1985,
    time 13.30
    place sangli

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    Your Mercury is powerless in your horoscope with only a poor strength and a malefic too. And your Mercury period is now running. However the Sun antardasa which is running will bring you good luck.
    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 66.61 Benefic
    Moon 58.18 Malefic
    Mars 48.78 Benefic
    Mercury 48.38 Malefic
    Jupiter 2.55 Malefic
    Venus 35.69 Benefic
    Saturn 41.03 Benefic
    Rahu 57.01 Benefic
    Kethu 66.27 Benefic

    Net 48.93 Benefic

    For more details read my blog.

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