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career destroyed

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    I am very depressed and lost everything. My career is destroyed. My date of birth is 3rd Jan 1978, time 8.25 pm, place mumbai.I took the decision to leave my great job and do a very expensive full time MBA outside India in 2013 forfeiting a successful and stable career.
    After my MBA, I didnot get my desired job for 7 months as I tried to change my career field and diversify into mainstream marketing and business roles. I got a good job in august 2014 in HK but lost it in sep 2014, then had to return to India and got another in Nov 2014 only to loose it in March 2015, then got another in India in July 2015 and lost it again in Oct 2016 and have been unemployed eversince.
    My career is destroyed, not because of lack or skills or experience but because of being harassed and deceived by evil corrupt female bosses and falsely implicated and framed despite not doing anything wrong.
    I have been trying for a job in Europe, UK and South East Asia and have come 99% to getting it but eventually not getting it ! Since Nov 2016, I dont have any job interviews come up.
    I dont want to work in india. Please guide me on time period to get my desired job and have stable + permanent settlement outside India.

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    Hello rachna

    Your good period for Job stars from may and will remain till oct 2017. During this period you can try to get job not upto your expectations but for having a job.

    After april 2018 you can get more satisfaction.current Jupiter transit after Aug 2017 will be more help ful. And Saturn transit –( you are last phase of 7 and half year period ) so during next 2 and half years you can expect positive changes on job front.

    More details on


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    Navneet Khanna

    You have been in a period of Shani Sade satti which got over after lot of obstacles and also Shani mahadasha is going on. You should look for a job in India , and not overseas presently. You should look for a job in good MNC or a good company and you will get on the career front. 10th Lord Mars is debilitated which is not good. Ketu in the bhagyastan brings obstacles in settlement.

    Doing the remedies of Saturn, Mars and Ketu are strongly recommended.


    Navneet Khanna

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      Dear Both Sirs
      Thanks for replying.
      I will die in India. there is too much corruption, exploitation and harrasement here, I will not survive even in MNC.
      One employer make me work till two pm in night in remote outskirts of city and travel in unsafe condition. Even female boss allows all this.
      The lobby of IIM, Bajaj, Sp Jain, XLRI and other Indian MBA is so strong, they donot allow foreign MBAs to survive.
      Too much politics and immoral activity like female bosses going to any extent to win favor from male bosses and management. They take undue advantage of the women liberation and diversity agenda now a days.
      they make you work like donkey day an night and also do unethical things even in MNCs. HR is hand in glove with management. They are sleeping partners in crime.
      Last three years I have been mentally tortured by various employers.There is no labor law or legal action possible against them due to our legal systems. I cannot take that stress. I breakdown in office when these female bosses harrased me. I am soft and sensitive person and after a point when I speak up, I get in trouble. I cannot control that strong emotion and everything starts going wrong.

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        Dear Sir

        Thank you very much for your kind advice.
        Are you refering to “The astral body and other astral phenomenon” by Lieut Col Arthur E Powell.

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          I have read somewhere that your problems go away only when you have learnt the karmic lessons. I am confused on which Karmic lesson to learn.
          So far from my experience, I think I need to become super cool confident, shrewd, political, tactful, and corrupt person unfazed by any of these to succeed in life. Like they say in Hindi Chikna Chamcha and Meethi Churi or Muh mein raam and bagal mein churi.
          I have tried forgiving people, being courageous, being strong, standing up for myself and others, helping others in trouble but nothing works.

          A friend once told me that “har rakshash ki jaan ek tote mein hoti hai, tu un rakshasho ke tote pakad then they will stop harassing you”

          I pray to GOD and the Universe to bless me with all the strength, wits, power and tact required to win over these corrupt people and systems with elan !

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    Please read the book “The Astral Body – 1927” and you will be wiser on how to deal with them.

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    Dear Sirs
    I have still not been successful in my job search. I have tried and tried but no luck at all with applications and interviews. I have been doing a lot of poojas , remedies, paths, jaaps, daan dakshinas but no mercy or grace. Please kindly advise.
    Best Regards

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