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child birth issue

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    my wife is pregnant and expect delivery in october , but there is some internal problem of amnoitic band possible to trap the organs of baby , as of now baby is having no problem as per doctor , but will have to take care for coming tow months ,so my question is as per our kundli charts of both , will we be blessed with health child , & no disability found during the birth , sir we are too much tense kindly help us to give some remeides to come out from this problem.
    my details Pranjal
    place of birth : baroda; gujarat
    time : 12:30 am
    birth date : 7/2/1980
    My wife details Shrada
    Place of birth :veraval ; gujarat
    time : 6:40 pm
    birth date : 13/1/1986

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    Till about mid December 2017, planets are not very favourable. Thereafter there is a good change in planetary positions. Regarding remedies, leave it to the doctors. Wishing you all the best.

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    Sir really thanks for your feedback , but just want to know , chances of getting healthy baby are more or less , looking to our both horoscope is there any major issue will occur during coming 2 months time till her delivery date.

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    A cursory examination of your horoscopes cannot give you an answer to your question. Read my blog to have an idea about scientific evaluation of horoscopes which is quite time consuming and therefore has to be a Paid consultation.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    YOu are telling that your wife has got a health problem.
    Better you undergo leaf juice therapy for 2months.
    I am not reading your horoscope.
    Your wife’s lagna is Kataka.
    Her fifth house contains Sani.
    You should be careful.

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    Dear Guruji Uma maheshwara rao ,

    Thanks for your kind reply , sir just request if you can go through our both horoscope for one time more in details , to have look sir that the baby which is going to come , deliver in october will be healthy child without any defects , just help us on this sir , rest we have already left to god and doctors. , but your expert advice and knowledge we require guidance

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    Dear sir

    waiting for your kind reply

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