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do only mahadasha antardasha pratyantar dasha work

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    Dear Navneet sir,
    1)do only mahadasha,antardasha,pratyantar dasha,sushma dasha planets work in respective dashas or all planets work?

    2)after marriage does wife get husband’s lucK?
    e.g. if girl’s guru,shani are poor,if she marries guy having strong guru and shani, then does her power increase?

    and 3) after marriage do we do average of stength of planets ?
    if girl’s shani is 4 and guy’s shani is 10
    then after marriage doet it become( 4+ 10)/2 = 7 i.e. 7.

    4) my budh=21,surya=20,shukra=14,mangal=17 are benefic other grahas are
    rahu=2 (malefic), ketu=0(malefic), chandra=-5 malefic,guru=4 benefic, shani=4 benefic

    currently mine is rahu mahadasha, after 2022 guru mahadasha,after guru mahadasha shani mahadasha and then mars venus surya budha mahadasha respectively.

    does this mean up2 the age of 55 i wont get any benefit of strong budh surya
    mars venus?

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    Marriage in life is like travelling together in a vehicle. And if the vehicle is involved in an accident, both of you can be hurt or one of you can be hurt or both of you may escape without any injury. Your marital status does not help you at all. Similarly you two are separate individuals and you stay together for a common goal of creation and maintenance of progeny. Law of averages do not work in life. Read my blog

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    how about query number 1 and 4?

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    They are also answered if you read all the articles in my blog. You have some half baked knowledge of astrology and with that you are coming to meaningless conclusions.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    It appears that you know astrology and trying to interpret for your benefit.
    You have to read only one horoscope first and then decide whethe the horoscope
    is lucky or not.
    You are asking complicated questions to create headache for astrologers.

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