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Financial Condition

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    DOB : 14/03/77
    Place : Faridabad
    Time : 14:37

    My financial condition since Dec 2014 is not good . I am struggling . I lost the job. I have taken loan

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    Not only yours, almost everyone is facing the same situation. Jobs are not there, money from the banks are disappearing and business is going down and the only thing which is going up is salaries of Parliamentarians, PM and President.

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    Dear Avinash Ji,

    There are couple of weakness in Your Birth chart. Your 2nd house Lord of accumulated wealth Lord Sun is very weak. Lord of 5th house and 10th house Mars is in 8th house and quite weak. Moreover, Presence of 1st lord in 6th house shows You are argumentative and egoistic.

    So, it is a learning phase for You. Instead of being egoistic, try to make positive use of this placement. Try to become competitive. Enhance Your skills.

    So, if you start work on yourself, then, by november, 2018 You will get a job.
    But, If You are not working for betterment and running after illicit relationships, sex , drugs, alcohol or disobeying Your parents, then You will not get job this time also.

    please don’t ask me any further free queries.


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