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Imminent divorce?

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    I need an advice because I am in a troublesome situation. I have a very difficult relationship with my husband, I have been thinking of divorcing him, but we have a child, so I have been trying until now to make the relationship work. We had planned to emigrate in another country in 2016, and this would be a very big step to do, so I must decide if I divorce him and start over, or try to mend the relationship and emigrate. I think emigration brings a lot of hardships to a family and it is important that they are a team, and we are not. I need an advice about what would be better to do for me from the karmic point of view. My biggest problem is that I saw in my daughters chart Pluto in the 4th house with difficult relations to other planets, and I believe that this might mean that, if I remain with my husband, she will suffer a lot because he humiliates me, and is very aggressive verbally and sometimes physically. Or she may also suffer if I divorce him and raise her myself. Please give me an advice what I should do. I really want to choose the best option for my karma and for my daughter, indifferent of its difficulty.
    I am born on 02.03.1981; 08:47: Constanta, Romania
    My husband is born on 07.02.1978; 08:30; Bucharest, Romania
    Our daughter is born on 29.03.2014; 17:47; Bucharest, Romania

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    Navneet Khanna

    Karmic-ally you need to draw a balance to work out this relationship, but astrological period is totally against your efforts. With the main period of Rahu and sub period of Mercury till April 2017, the chances of separation are strong. You can see improvement in relationship only after May 2018. Therefore it may be important to ignore than to let it effect your mental peace.


    Navneet Khanna

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