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Lost my love life, want her back

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    I am divorcee, in July 2011 I came in contact with a divorced woman, mother of two boys, on a matrimonial site. We secretly married in October, 2011. We loved each other very much. We even used to stay together like a married couple. She was doing PhD. She told that after completion of her Ph.D. we will get married. I supported her as much I could. Till November 2011 everything was fine, but suddenly we used to have petty arguments. She had applied for VISA of a European country. She even told me get my passport prepared as we will move to a foreign country. In April 2012 after completion of her PhD, her VISA was approved and as our having strain relationship, she started behaving differently. She had decided to leave me. And in end-July 2012 she left without telling me where she is going, but she promised that our relationship is alive. As I was very upset after she left I started astrological remedies, going to temple for 43 days and praying and offering sweets to Lord Shiva, under the supervision of an astrologer for getting her back, after 7 months in February 2012 when I successfully completed the remedy she came in contact with me. The said astrologer told that your relationship is an established one in the eyes of Lord. He also told that she will/can never cheat or leave me. The same was told to me by a few other astrologers. Then she told that she was married to someone before making relationship with me, but it was just a compromise as she wanted to settle abroad. She said she still loves me and will get me with her once she is settled there. However, she had some problem with the said person and she had to take divorce from him. Then in April 2015 she married to another man, who she alleged to a good friend brother-like, who wanted to help. She told that she didn’t had any physical relationship with either of them as marriage with both of them is a compromise. Even after her second marriage abroad she still kept in confidence that her marriage will not affect our relationship. As my other was not happy with our relationship. In Sept. 2015, my cousin, mother’s nephew, took me to a Baba on the pretext that he will help in career. He told me to do a totka which will help me in my career. However, later I came to know that totka was to separate and destabilize our relationship. Unknowingly I did it for a few days, but when I realized that our relationship is getting disturbed I suddenly stopped that totka. But ever since I did that totka, although I stopped it, our relationship is getting worst. The more I try to pacify or make her understand, the more she is getting away from me. Is there any possibility that will she come back in my life again? Should I keep faith in her/Lord? Please guide/help…

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    You should keep your faith in Lord who knows best and will help you to come out of any disturbances hurting your mind.

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    dear sandy,
    i m sorry to say following:
    but buddy forget her,she is not worth it.

    u ll get a new good girl,she will help u forget that old affair.
    have patience.
    focus on career uptill u get new good girl.

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