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Love cum arranged marriage

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    Hello ,
    This is priya,
    Dob :20-10-1989,
    Time of birth:10:12 am
    Partner details:
    Dob :28-03-1990,
    Time :01-10 pm ,
    Can any one please check our horoscope and tell me whether we have love cum arranged marriage or love marriage
    Thanks in advance

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    So you are sure that marriage will be there. Then why wait. Go ahead. Go to the nearest registrar’s office and register your marriage.

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      Sir, we are not there to blame parents .. just want to know the chances of getting married to the loved one..

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    As per probability theory chances are 50%, it has nothing to do with astrology. As per astrology you will certainly be married to a boy, but cannot say who that boy is.

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    love marriage is there… but arranged love marriage? chances are tough!!

    Can i know, your partners father health condition?

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      Is this post related to me ??

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        He is fine .. may I know why you are asking about his father

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          hi Priya
          your 2nd & 5th lord Jupiter is combined moon within close conjunction of degree and your 7th lord Venus is in langna and aspecting the 7th house with no malefic combinations/aspects!!!!

          from the above positives we can say love marriage chances are high..

          Your partners has exalted 5th lord mars in his 7th house along Venus and 7th lord Saturn!!!! moon in labha sthana

          so from his chart we can say, he had very great chances of love marriage!!

          why I queried about his father condition ? because the mahadasha and anthardasha period running right now is not very good for his father!!!

          pray to god before asking you parents..

          you will get married with in 2019 …

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            Tmr sir told that I will get married before Jan 31 2018 ..
            Can you give clarity about this

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            That’s what i said. Your marriage will happen before 2019, that means may be anytime from now till 2019 the chances are very high


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    Barkha Tiwari

    Sir my name Barkha Tiwari, DOB 24/5/1989, Time- 6:20 am and place-Kanpur, UP. My partner Ankit DOB- 25/9/1991, Time-1:00 pm and place- Nahan, HP. Will our marriage possible though kundali matches excellent ?

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    If kundali matching is excellent, why should not the marriage take place?

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