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    Rowan Jetly

    Good evening dear Sir. I was wondering if you could please match me and my partner to see if we are compatible for a relationship & marriage later on.

    Boy :
    Date : 15th March 1993
    Time : 6.20 AM
    Place : Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

    Girl :
    Date : 11th April 1992
    Time : 5.00 AM
    Place : Dhaka , Bangladesh

    I was wondering if any we have any dosh and if they’re cancelled and if we are compatible with one another and if we will have a successful marriage life.

    Thank you so much sir! Hoping to hear from you ASAP!

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    If you wish to have a scientific evaluation of horoscope matching, it will be a paid service. Please read my article “Astrology – A new version” and come for a paid consultation using the link or by email.

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    Rowan Jetly

    I hope you can give me at least a little insight Mr TMR? It would be very, very helpful. Maybe just a little bit. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon

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    I have examined the compatibility of both of your horoscopes and they match very well with a 90.47% which is graded as “Excellent”. Read my articles on my blog and you will know how I have arrived at it. Should you need the individual house compatibility, you will have to come through paid consultation.

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    Rowan Jetly

    Thank you! Why is it that when I see online, our bhakoot is 0/7 and our points only match to 20/36 ? But according to your calculation it is an a heartwarming 90% ?

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    My calculations are based on mathematics of astrology and not of a casual nature as is being followed by many wayside astrologers. I have given my algorithm in my articles on how I calculate the strength of planets and houses based on Mathematical text books on astrology which can only be calculated using a computer and the necessary software. And the evaluations are always consistent based on the scores arrived at and does not depend on the mood of the astrologer. Salaamat sore.

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    Rowan Jetly

    This deems us to be a good match then! Thanks a lot for your advice. I hope me and my partner will be able to proceed to something greater (i.e. Marriage) in the future! Thank you for the reassurance!

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