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My future

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    Dear All,

    My Name is Mayank, 05-04-1982, dadri (haryana), 23:20 pm

    Please give your feedback.


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    Time period till late 2018 of Rahu Mahadasa( 49% Malefic) is not very good. Thereafter there will be better times. Read my blog for more details.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    The software showing many Dadris.There is one Dadri in U.p.There is another
    Dari near Meerut.ONe more Dadri near Charkhi.
    Your Dadri is in Haryana.

    Internet is showing Dadri(haryana) longitude is76.3 and latitude is 28.5
    For the longitude 76.3,the lagna is Vrischika.Other longitude is showing
    Tula lagna.
    Please give the name of big town near Dadri in Haryana,so that correct
    horoscope is prepared.

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    Place is Charakhi Dadri in Haryana

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    You have a powerful horoscope from career point of view. Rahu mahadasha started from 22/10/2015 will last upto 22/10/2033 and Rahu though placed in 8th house is strong for career as its placed in nakshtra of Jupiter with Mercury as sublord. Important planets such as Saturn/Mars/Jupiter are retrograde but well placed in Chalit (Jupiter in 11th house of gains and Sat/Mars in 10th house of career) and combination of Sun & Mercury (10th & 11th lord) is good in 4th house in Chalit. Overall most planets have good combinations for success in administration/management.

    If you amp-up your discipline, you can rise very high in life (chart promises opportunities, you have to go and grab them). In short term; Rahu-Jupiter, Rahu-Saturn and Rahu-Mercury from 4/7/2018 to 23/4/2026 will be excellent time career wise.

    With Rahu/Jupiter/Saturn mahadasha of ~18 years each, in long term you are well positioned to succeed if you put in the hardwork.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Also share, when will i get married? How will be my life after marriage? In which period i will buy house for my family.


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