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no marriage yoga

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    Iam going through a tough phase in my life , family problems , no stable job , still no marriage . relatives are making a hindrance to my marriage… will ever my marriage happen ?do i have luck to lead a good marital life ? born on 11 october 1987 ,12.45 pm , vaikam,kottayam ,kerala

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    Your horoscope is fairly strong. But your Rahu Dasa upto 20 Jan 2019 is very bad since it has a meagre strength of 10%. Thereafter Jupiter Mahadasa will be very good for you with a strength of 52%. Your marital house too has a strength of 58.60%.

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    Hi Krishna Your marriage will happen after 2018 October

    In Bhava Chalit Venus is in Neecha. Please recite Venus beeja mantra 108 times for 40 days … you will see good change in your life..

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