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Question on Love marriage

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    I am dating someone since 2 years. I really love him and wish to know whether i will get married to him or not. Details of boy: Dob of boy: 5.10.1994
    Place of birth of boy: Kolkata, West bengal, India. Time:12:20pm

    Details of girl: dob of girl: 7.10.1994
    Place of birth of girl: kolkata, west bengal, india. time of birth: 2:05pm.
    I really love him and dont want to lose him. Please let me know if i can get married to him and how my married life will be with him. Thanks!

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    Navneet Khanna

    This is not a very strong relationship. You have what is called the Gana dosha and also Bhakoot dosha, which indicate ego problems between the two. There will be conflicts and strong difference of opinion. Due to the abive dosha some times you will be best of friends and other times you will have bitter fights and arguments.


    Navneet Khanna

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