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rahu mercury..

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    anshu singh

    hi, my rahu mercury dasha starting from next month. i am virgo ascendent( mercury rising) . i have heard for virgo peopl this mecury dasha/ antardasha is always good. by my little knowledge i know my mercury is well placed and good strength in chart. So my question is should i expect better time from next month when this dasha starts?? I had bad rahu- saturn dasha.
    Thanks Anshu.

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    Astrology is a very deep subject and superficial evaluation is not sufficient enough to assess the potency of Mercury. Read my blog for more details.

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    Sir can u tell in general how rahu mercury period is for Virgo ascendent? Its starting from next month. Should I hope for some better actually I’m a student and exams are approaching too. Will this dasha support a Virgo ascendent in competitive exam? Your information can be helpful.

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    Certainly a benefic Mercury will give success in any examination conducted to test your logical and mathematical ability.

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