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Really Struggling in my Career

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    DOB: 18-02-1981
    Time : 00:32
    Place: Rohtak, Haryana

    I am hard working and have had a good run my career and reached high status
    and positions but was fired from last two job consecutively (over last two years) because I did not want to cheat and was standing up for the right thing.

    In Oct I was terminated from my last job (I worked there only for 1 year and it was a terrible one year) and now even struggling to get an interview.

    On the top of all this I am involved in legal battle with my last company as bought the case of unfair dismissal and they counter sued to say that I took their data. They are now proposing a settlement which is my favour but I am worried that they do not bring any other case against me in the future.

    My question:
    When will I manage to get another job or a contract?
    Will they bring any other case against me in the future after settlement?

    I am really worried, please help.

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    Altogether you have a poor horoscope and what you are suffering is quite justified as per the horoscope strengths. I will send you the full scientific evaluation after your reading of my blog Navagraha Astrology online and come through Paid Consultation. You are unlikely to get a job till 2025 and more sufferings are in store for you.

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