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Synastry – Is this as good as I think it is?

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    I met this guy I am not currently involved with, but he is born a few days after my high-school sweetheart and also my ex husband (they were both born the same day and year, how weird is that). We see each other a few times a month along with other people, not on dates, but I am getting more and more interested, because there is a certain chemistry, and I did the synastry on Astrowin (I have the first column of planets and he has the second). His Venus is in my 7th house and his Sun is right in between the 7th and 8th (not sure which one – I am attaching the wheel). I do not know his birth time. I really don’t want to get hurt, because I just got divorced, so I am being as careful as I can. But this looks pretty good. Sun sextile Sun, Moon sextile Moon, Venus Trine Venus, Venus/Pluto double whammy… Any thoughts? Thank you so much.

    Planet 1 Aspect Planet 2 Orb

    Sun Sextile Sun 0.20
    Sun Sextile Mercury 6.13
    Sun Sextile Saturn 3.01
    Sun Opposition Uranus 6.32
    Sun Conjunction Chiron 2.99
    Sun Square True Node 0.20

    Moon Sextile Moon 6.26
    Moon Quincunx Saturn 3.66
    Moon Square Pluto 5.86
    Moon Square Chiron 3.68

    Mercury Sextile Venus 4.96
    Mercury Trine Neptune 0.87
    Mercury Opposition Pluto 2.11
    Mercury Trine Lilith 2.57

    Venus Trine Venus 1.14
    Venus Opposition Neptune 4.70
    Venus Trine Pluto 1.71

    Mars Trine Venus 5.35
    Mars Opposition Neptune 0.49
    Mars Trine Pluto 2.50
    Mars Opposition Lilith 2.19

    Jupiter Quincunx Saturn 5.90
    Jupiter Square Pluto 3.62
    Jupiter Square Chiron 5.92

    Saturn Trine Venus 1.99
    Saturn Opposition Neptune 3.85
    Saturn Trine Pluto 0.86

    Uranus Trine Sun 0.62
    Uranus Quincunx Moon 0.01
    Uranus Trine Saturn 2.58
    Uranus Opposition Chiron 2.57
    Uranus Square True Node 0.22

    Neptune Sextile Venus 3.69
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 2.14
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.84

    Pluto Trine Venus 1.05
    Pluto Square Mars 4.73
    Pluto Trine Jupiter 4.14
    Pluto Conjunction Pluto 3.90

    Chiron Sextile Sun 3.42
    Chiron Sextile Saturn 0.21
    Chiron Conjunction Chiron 0.22

    True Node Conjunction Venus 0.59
    True Node Trine Pluto 2.27

    P. of Fortune Sextile Mercury 1.20
    P. of Fortune Opposition Uranus 1.40

    Vertex Sextile Sun 1.87
    Vertex Square Moon 1.26
    Vertex Opposition Saturn 1.34
    Vertex Trine Chiron 1.33

    Ascendant Quincunx Mercury 5.47
    Ascendant Opposition Venus 3.03
    Ascendant Quincunx Mars 2.75
    Ascendant Opposition Jupiter 2.16
    Ascendant Square Uranus 5.27
    Ascendant Sextile Pluto 5.88

    Midheaven Sextile Sun 7.23
    Midheaven Sextile Saturn 4.02
    Midheaven Trine Neptune 2.51
    Midheaven Opposition Pluto 5.50
    Midheaven Conjunction Chiron 4.03
    Midheaven Trine Lilith 0.81

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    Please provide your birth details and that of your new friend so that your question can be answered using Vedic astrology. Read

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    April 6, 1972 for me (Bucharest, Romania) and Feb 5, 1973 (Palo Alto, Calif) for him. Thank you, thank you!

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    Forgot birth times and I do not know his, but mine is 11:50 a.m. 🙂

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    I have sent you an email in reply.

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