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Moonsign Calculator |Know your Rasi and Birth Nakshatra

rashi and birth nakshatra calculator

The Nakshatras or the constellations and the Rashi form the most important element of the Hindu Astrology. Each one of us is born under one of 27 nakshatras. This is also known as janma nakshatra or birth nakshatra. Nakshatra are also referred as Birth star. Since a circle of Zodiac covers 360 degrees, these 27 nakshatrams cover 360 degrees in ... Read More »

Check Gandmool Dosha in Horoscope – Check Sataisa

gandmool dosha

In Vedic astrology we have 27 Nakshatras and these are divided in 3 groups of 9 Nakshatras each. When the beginning of one group meets the end of another group, it is called Gandmool. There are 6 Gandmool Nakshatras which are ruled by Mercury and Ketu. These Gandmool Nakshatras are Ashwani, Ashlesha, Jyestha, Madha, Moola and Revati. Therefore if any ... Read More »

गण्डमूल नक्षत्रों के बारे में जानकारी

gandmool nakshatra

गण्डमूल दोष क्या है। बच्चे के जन्म के साथ ही सबसे पहले परिवार के मुखिया यह जानने के लिए उत्सुक रहते हैं कि बच्चा गण्डमूल (सगनी) तो नहीं है। 27 नक्षत्रों को 9-9 भागों में बांटा है प्रत्येक भाग का पहला एवं 9वां नक्षत्र गण्डमूल नक्षत्र कहलाता है। इन नक्षत्रों में बालक या बालिका का जन्म अशुभ माना जाता है। ... Read More »

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