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Ashtakoot System of Kundali Matching for Marital Happiness

kundali matching

The Kuta / Ashtakoota system of Kundali matching depends upon the Moon Nakshatra in the horoscope. The Moon Read More »

Bhakoot Dosha in Kundli Matching

Bhakoot Dosh

In Horoscope Matching the Horoscope chart of the groom and the bride is matched so as to find out their compatibility level. It is believed that a matching of 18 and above Guna out of total 36 is important for any marriage. However one of the most important Koot in horoscope matching is Bhakoot Dosha or Rashikoot. Its importance can ... Read More »

Guna Milan and Graha Milan during Kundali Matching

Guna Milan for Marriage

Horoscope matching or Kundli Matching consists of Guna Milan and Grah Milan. Indian marriage is considered as an indissoluble and sacred institution, it is a bond that Indians believe will be long lasting till the end of their life. It is the match decided by the Almighty for lifelong partnership and taking the family forward. Finding a suitable partner which ... Read More »

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