Aries and Scorpio – Love and Sexual Compatibility

aries-scorpio compatibility

From the word go, Aries is always looking for a challenge and approaches dating as a winning or losing game but Aries always has to emerge the winner. With Aries if the first date is characterised by mundane and one word answers, you can expect it to be the last date.

Scorpio on the other hand is very good at reading signals and going with the flow but when this two click, this match might as well be made in heaven by God Himself.  Aries and Scorpio are physical animals and so they have to be very careful with how they deal with each other else all hell will break loose.

Aries and Scorpio Love Compatibility

For this relationship to have a shot at being a happy and fulfilling relationship, Aries must approach Scorpio with a lot of respect from the word go and Scorpio too must be very patient and sincere when approaching Aries. This way, their relationship has a very great potential of being a long term relationship.

The Aries and Scorpio relationship is one that is so intense that it can either lead to marriage or it can lead to passionate and steamy sex followed by separation. They can also just choose to be friends with benefits because they have one of the strongest sexual chemistry.

If these two choose to get married, they have to be very honest with each other so they each know what they are getting themselves into. They should both be good listeners and not lie about anything because if either one of them finds out the truth, it could lead to a very nasty fight that could mark the end of the marriage.

The secret is in understanding each other. Aries is very direct and will say whatever is on his/ her mind, though not maliciously. Scorpio on the other hand is a pouter who is very good at hiding anything that could be hurting him or her. As such, they both need to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and find a way to make everything work to their advantage.

Aries and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

The love for a new challenge for these two will spill over into their bedroom. This is where their true animal instinct comes out. They love enacting their fantasies and a lot of role playing is part of their bed room routine.

Aries prefers fast paced and thrilling se while Scorpio is all about sensuality and tender caresses. However the one thing they have in common that they both have no problem exploring sexual places that few would dare to venture into.

Most fights between Aries and Scorpio are resolved using sex and this works for them in most cases, they understand that they both have a genuine love for each other it’s just that sometimes things get too complicated.

There is no question about the sexual compatibility of Aries and Scorpio. They are always willing to teach each other or try out new things in the bedroom to keep the fire burning.


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