Career Astrology – Knowing profession through 10th house

Career Astrology - Knowing profession through 10th house

Career Astrology

career astrologyIn the times of sinking economies and recession getting a well paying job is a challenge and staying with a good job is even a bigger challenge. Never since the great economic depression of the 40ies the world has seen acute problems in the world economies like we are seeing globally today. One time good economics like Spain, Portugal, Italy and many others are at critical levels with unemployment rate at all time high. Every day more and more people are loosing their jobs and things on the job front are looking grim. Many people despite having done their education in good universities are in bad paying jobs or different jobs altogether. Through astrology we can do analysis of a persons professional capabilities. We try to seek the divine science to interpret which profession suits the native so that success can be achieved without much efforts with the help of planetary influence.

When we study career astrology we see that the 10th house primarily gives us career goals. The 10th house also gives us fame, honour, laurels and achievements. The 10th house also gives authority. Sun in 10th house is likely to give a person with government job. Those inspiring to have a political career Sun blesses the native with authority and power. Sun is the Raja or King of all the planets. It provides the native with power, name, fame. He will do wonders in the managerial position. He can take engineering, medicine, architecture as his profession. Moon is the Queen or Rani of the planets. As Moon is ruling the mind it gives good reasoning power to the person. The person can be a good administrative career. He can be successful in agriculture, travel industry, textiles, deal in water and related products. Mars is the Senapati or Army chief of the planets. Mars gives the person stamina, courage and ability. People with Mars in 10th house tend to attain good position in armed forces, police, engineering, deal in weapons, cooking, railways etc. Mercury is the prince of the planets, as it rules intelligence, analytical mind, the person with strong Mercury in 10th house tends to have good career in finance, computers, stocks market, they also do well in accounts, as auditors and in literature etc. Jupiter is the Guru or teacher of the planetary system. It is the ruler of education, therefore people with strong Jupiter in 10th house have great career in banking sector, they are also be good educationist and become professors and teachers. Some of them would do well in Judiciary and because of their interest in religious activities become good astrologers and priests. Venus is the planet of wealth. It is the ruler of art, luxury and love. People with strong Venus in 10th house will have a good career in manufacturing or trading of cosmetics. Some of them would become good artist, designers, singer, deal in Jewelry. Saturn is ruler of Justice. People with influence of Saturn in 10th house become good Judges. They can have successful career in plumbing, gardening, agriculture, footwear, industry, they are highly skillful and like to work with their own hands. Rahu influence research studies, import of foreign products while Ketu indicates exports, career in Maths, small machines and dealing with animals.

Knowing the planets in 10th house and the aspect and conjunction on the 10th house, we can use astrology to help us in knowing our career options which are favourable according to our horoscope. Career Astrology is a unique predictive tool that helps a person find out his / hers unique qualities that will push him toward success. Everyone has unique talents and the special gift of the God within us, sometimes we forget our strengths and follow things which we are not made for. Career astrology can open the path we are supposed to follow professionally as destined for us.

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  1. Guruji,
    Kindly look at my horoscope and let me know when my financial condition will start improving and whether I will get steady and good income in the next few years.
    I am planning to start new business in another 3 months in my wife’s name.

    My details:
    Date of Birth: 24th May, 1968
    Place : Chennai
    Time: 00. 26 AM

    1. You should provide the birth details of your wife to know what her Stars tell. Also what business you are planning to do. You need to specify that. As per your horoscope, your period of Sade Satti begins on 26 January 2016, therefore it is a period of care especially on the matter of finances. You can seek more advice on your horoscope in the Astrology Forum – Click to enter Astrology Forum

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