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How to Find Inner Peace and Lead a Tranquil Life

find inner peace

A 2017 Poll found that almost 80% of Americans struggle with feelings of stress in their daily lives. Our lives seem to be full of more uncertainties and distractions than ever before. We worry about money, security, and even happiness. For a lot of us, this internal chaos has us looking the other way. We turn to social media and television ...

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Worried About Future or Career? Try These 5 Best Astrology Tips

career astrology

Stressed over your career or future prospects? Astrology can provide you with effective solutions. Read on to know about the best astrological tips for your professional growth. Since time immemorial, astrology has been used by people to get some insight into their lives, destiny, and future. Now in the modern age, where apps rule our lives, it has become easier ...

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Rose Quartz Crystal – Benefits of the Stone of Love

Rose Quartz Crystal

Pink Rose Quartz is a unique, precious, and natural stone. It is popularly known as a stone of universal love. It helps to restore peace, trust, understanding, and harmony in relationships. Pink Rose quartz creates an unconditional love between the couples. Rose quartz purifies the inner heart and allows the person to view the world with great love. Rose Quartz ...

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Ways to de-stress, revitalize your energy, based on your zodiac sign

Ways to De-stress

Everyone relaxes after working hard, you are struggling hard in your everyday life, starting from traffic to long working hours, and the endless running can wear down both your body and mind. If you are thinking about ways to de-stress, revitalize, or cleanse your energy, then given below are some of the wonderful ideas which would breathe new life, rejuvenate ...

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Can Astrology predict Love or Arranged Marriage?

love or arranged marriage

Marriages are made in heaven! We all have heard this phrase. But does it really mean it’s so? Is it true? Watching the famous Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, it surely has given me the idea that even if marriages are made in heaven, the arrangement, planning and analyses is surely done right here before that approval from heaven is received. ...

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Astrology tips to enhance your personality and beauty

astrology beauty tips

Venus is the goddess of love, attraction, and natural beauty. Moon gives appeal and conduct. Mercury indicates the attraction of speech and expression. The other planets such as Mars and Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, decrease the attraction, and create a negative personality. If any of these planets are in a strong position, it will reduce the positive attraction and increases ...

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