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How Tarot Cards Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

Tarot Reading

At some point in their life, some or most people have seen a tarot reading. Whether they saw a tarot reading in movies or real life, the tarot is still a form of mystery to most people, which begs the question: How can they improve one’s mental wellbeing? The traditional tarot deck contains 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor ...

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What is a Horoscope – Learn Astrology in 5 minutes

what is horoscope

#learnastrology #horoscope #kundali Astrology Explained – Know about basic Horoscope in 5 minutes. Horoscope, in astrology, is a chart of the sky, showing the positions of the planets. Horoscope is made with software these days by inputting the date of birth, time of birth and longitude and latitude taken of the place of birth of the native.     Learn ...

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Types Of Psychic Readings And Which is best for You

types of psychic readings

There are many different types of psychic readings.  Choosing one that is suitable to your needs and what you’re going through in life can often be difficult.  Because each type of reading has something different to offer, it’s important to understand the uses of each psychic service before choosing one. In this article we will explain 4 types of psychic ...

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Planetary aspects as per Vedic Astrology

Planetary aspects - Vedic astrology

ज्योतिष में ग्रहों की दृष्टियां होती हैं। जन्मकुंडली में कोई भी ग्रह कहीं भी बैठा हो वह दूसरे ग्रह आदि पर दृष्टि डालता है | दृष्टि का प्रभाव शुभ या अशुभ होता है।प्रत्येक ग्रह की सप्तम् दृष्टि को पूर्ण दृष्टि माना गया है लेकिन कुछ ग्रहों की विशेष दृष्टियां भी होती हैं। आईए जानते हैं कि नवग्रहों की दृष्टियां कैसी होती हैं। ग्रहों की दृष्टि के बारे में विशेष वीडियो इन हिंदी  

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Know the benefits of wearing your birthstone

Know your Birthstone

It is believed that wearing your birthstone can enhance your luck, give your career success, help you find true love and help you get fortune. Given below are the name of the month and your Lucky Birthstones.   January Birthstone: Garnet Garnet is thought to reduce body toxins and heal wounds faster. It was used as a remedy for heart ...

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जानिए गुरु चांडाल दोष कैसे बनता है

Guru Chandal Dosha

ज्योतिष में कई ऐसे दोष होते हैं जिनका मनुष्य पर बेहद नकारात्मक प्रभाव पड़ता है। इन्हीं कुयोगों में से एक है गुरु–चांडाल दोष । जानिए गुरु चांडाल दोष कैसे बनता है | नव ग्रहों में सबसे अधिक शुभ माना जाने वाला ग्रह गुरु है. किसी भी कार्य के सफल या असफल होने के पीछे गुरु ग्रह की स्थिति बेहद महत्वपूर्ण मानी जाती है. गुरु चांडाल योग ...

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