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Life Path Number 11 – Influence on Various Aspects Of Life

Life path number 11

Understanding Life Path Number 11 in Detail – If your life path number is 11, then you’re Wizard. Considering numerology opinion, 11s are the master numbers that means you hold double competency than any other single-digit. It can further be reduced to single-digit by addition, for example, 1+1=2. In simple words, 11 can be a reconcilable digit of 2 and ...

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Wives of Krishna – Story Behind 16108 Wives of Lord Krishna

Wives of Krishna

The Story about the 16108 Wives of Krishna Generally, people wonder about How many wives did Lord Krishna have. According to various sources of Krishna stories raging from 300 BCE to 1300 BCE, Lord Krishna, who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, had eight principle wives, also referred as (The Asha-Bharyas or Ashtabharya). The eight principle wives are Rukmini of ...

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The Best Nadi Dosha Remedies for marriage

nadi dosha remedies

NADI DOSHA REMEDIES – Can Nadi Dosha be ignored What is Nadi in Horoscope Matching– There are 8 kootas and Nadi is the last koot and the most important Koota in Horoscope matching or Kundli milan. Nadi importance can be seen from the fact that is has the highest score in Ashtkoot Guna milan. Nadi in simple words means pulse. ...

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Angel Number 555 – How it brings positive change in your life

Angel number 555

Angel Number 555  – Meaning & Symbolism A lot of my readers might not know that our guardian angels cannot communicate directly but they leave signals and clues to lift us in the time of distress. Seeing 5:55 or 555 repetitive times is one of the major signs that they are watching and guiding us. Seeing 555 once can be ...

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4 Tips to find a good astrologer online

Tips to find a good astrologer online

Tips to find a good astrologer online Today, the number of astrologers is growing all over the world, that it becomes difficult to find a reliable one. If you want accurate readings, you should only reach out to a professional astrologer with gained expertise and years of experience in the field. According to Kelli Fox, an accredited professional astrologer, you ...

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Top 5 healing crystals – Find the best one for you

Healing crystals

Crystal have always fascinated people from ancient times. Healing crystals were used for improving various aspects of one’s life. Are you fond of wearing and collecting Crystals? Then this article on Healing crystals will be very interesting for you. Crystals have a long history in cultures around the world. For many, they were not only a symbolism of wealth but ...

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