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Astrology content writer

Astrology and Horoscope Content Writer

Hare Krishna, myself, Astrologer Navneet Khanna. I’m a Professional Astrologer / Numerologist / Horoscope writer / Astrology Content Writer. I have more than 20 years of experience in Astrology and Numerology, I write content on different aspects of Astrology, Numerology, and Horoscopes.

Please check my Upwork  Profile where I have completed approx 4700 worked hours.


If you are looking for any Astrology content related to

  1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Horoscopes –

I write Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly horoscopes based upon your requirement. It can be general horoscopes or specific to certain aspects like Career, finance, Family. I write two types of Horoscopes. The first is general horoscopes prediction which not necessarily include planetary movements. Being an astrologer I also write horoscopes with planetary movements/transits. These are highly genuine and accurate horoscopes. I can write on both Vedic and Western transits.

  1. Zodiac Signs – Personality / Behavior Analysis –

Every Zodiac sign is different and I can tell that in a simple and uncomplicated way for your readers.

  1. Zodiac Signs – Compatibility –

If you are interested in Zodiac Signs compatibility then I can write detailed compatibility for all the Zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces.

  1. Birth Chart Analysis – 

If you have clients on your website and you need someone to do a birth chart analysis for them, then I can provide you with complete PDF / Word reports, which you can share with your clients.

  1. Astrology / Numerology Forum comments – 

If you have an Astrology or Numerology Website / Blog and your visitors put comments and you have no time to answer. I do the same for you at nominal charges. Improve your social interaction with your customers by replying to them on their Astrology Queries and comments.

  1. Numerology Compatibility – 

Numbers are energy and your customers know that.  If you will like to have Numerology compatibility then I can write highly engaging numbers compatibility for you.

  1. Birth Day – Analysis and Forecast – 

Would you like to provide a brief Birthday analysis 200-400 words Birthday analysis for your website visitors? I write interesting content for your visitors for each day of the year for you to share on social media platforms.

8.  Numerology – Weekly, Monthly Analysis

Get Weekly, Monthly Numerology Analysis for your customers.

9. Write Predictions for Horoscope App

If you have an Astrology/ Numerology App then I can write complete content for you.

10. Games Results Content Writing

If you would like to have content for Facebook Games then I can write catchy content for you.

11. Transit Reading

If you want transit reading to your clients or your website I can write complete astrology predictions for you.

These are some of the Horoscope / Numerology/ Astrology Content that I write. If you have a specific requirement then you can let us know and we can discuss it in detail. Please note that all content will be in English. It will be original and free from plagiarism.

Please write to Navneet Khanna at if you are interested in discussing more of the above services. You can also call me at +91-9417884861.