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Nadi dosha Solution | Best Remedy for Nadi Dosha

Nadi dosha Remedies and Solution

Nadi dosha Solution | Best Remedy for Nadi Dosha In Sanskrit language, Nadi has several meaning, but in astrology, Nadi signifies pulse or nerves energy indicating the physiological and also the hereditary factors. The importance of Nadi can be seen from the fact that in Ashtkoot Guna Milan (Horoscope Matching) Nadi has the maximum points. If there is Zero (0) …

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Bhakoot Dosha in love Marriage – Remedies and Cancellation

Bhakoot Dosha

What is Bhakoot Dosha  In Horoscope Matching the Horoscope chart of the groom and the bride is matched so as to find out their compatibility level. It is believed that a matching of 18 and above Guna out of total 36 is important for any marriage. However one of the most important Koot in horoscope matching is Bhakoot Dosha or …

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Jupiter in Aries Transit 2023 – Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries – 2023 The transit of Jupiter in Aries is coming after almost 13 years. The last Jupiter in Aries transit was in the year May 2011.  So if you look at this transit it is a very important one. Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, fortune, abundance,  zest for life,  luck, and expansion is set to move into …

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Holashtak – The Inauspicious Eight Days Before Holi


What is Holaastak Holashtak is an unfavorable period of eight days before the festival of Holi for certain Hindu communities in North India. What should be avoided on Holaastak? It is considered inauspicious to perform auspicious ceremonies during the period like marriage, house warming, buying land, important investments or any of the Hindu sanskars. People of certain community also avoid …

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Nadi dosha Cancellation and Remedies – Complete Help

nadi dosha

Nadi Dosha Complete Help Why is Nadi Dosha Important Marriage is a very auspicious thing in one’s life. To make it the best we do kundali milan or horoscope matching. It is strongly believed that even if the matching points or the Guna Milan score is high, one should not marry in the same Nadi, as same Nadi means Nadi …

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Mercury Retrograde from 29 December to 18 January 2023

Mercury Retrograde New Year 2023

Mercury is in retrograde motion from December 28, 2022, to January 18, 2023 – Time to be careful of what you say. Mercury retrograde is a time to Review, Reassess, Re-learn, Revise, Re-check.   Vedic Astrologer Navneet Khanna, explains the Mercury retrograde period from 19th December till 18th January 2023. Get the Mercury Retrograde New Year Predictions for 2023. Know …

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