Original Yellow Sapphire Gemstone – Identify real vs fake

original yellow Sapphire gemstone


Yellow sapphire, the eye of the gods as they call it, is one of the most sought after stones, at least in the modern ages, now that so many people around the globe are using it due to its positive effects and benefits, and also because it has become fashionable because of the sheer beauty it exudes and the ease with which it finds home with all metals. Not as ubiquitous a stone as it might seem, there are only five countries where it is found, Sri Lanka in the Indian subcontinent being its primary source.

Yellow sapphire is ruled by the planet Jupiter, known as Guru of the “Devas”, he is considered to bestow knowledge, wisdom and fortune upon the wearer, activating the innate intelligence latent within them. It has been known as the stone of good fortune for similar reasons because astrologically, Jupiter is the planet that bestows wealth upon individuals, given that they are engaged in a noble pursuit as Jupiter is a “Satvik” planet. If somebody is involved with any intellectual or creative pursuit then, then this stone could bring magic into their lives as it will activate those very energies in the individual.


Why check the quality of Original Yellow Sapphire gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire, just like any sapphire is very expensive and can bring a dent to the pocket. It is human nature to look for cheaper goods when buying anything and many times in this pursuit to buy cheap gemstones people end up buying the wrong thing.

Many times when people visit a Jewelry store, the jeweler will try to sell “Citrine” also known as “Sunela” which looks very similar to a yellow sapphire, but is a very cheap substitute and does not have the energy that is emanated from real yellow sapphire.  So there is a need to be very careful when buying a yellow sapphire and not to fall for dirty techniques of these jewelers.

There is no surprise, that there is also a growing market of fake stones on account of this high demand and price of yellow sapphire that needs to be met and also, because people do not always know what to look for and how to look when going out to buy a genuine gemstone. Most of the yellow sapphire in the market from Thailand is heat treated and fake, that is why they sell at much cheaper rate than the original yellow sapphire gemstone.


6 things to do check the quality of Original Yellow Sapphire gemstone

Given below are few parameters through which people can check if they are actually buying a genuine or a fake yellow sapphire.

The first thing they can do is compare it with glass, though they might look the same at the initial glance but, if they look closely a fake yellow sapphire will be very clear and transparent, whereas a genuine yellow sapphire will always have some natural inclusions. Some natural inclusions in the Yellow Sapphire indicate that it is a genuine gemstone and not fake. It indicates that it is real and not a colored glass.

Another thing they can easily check with their eyes is for any tiny bubbles or liquid flowing in the gemstone. If they do see anything like that; that indicates that they are looking at a gemstone which has been treated and is absolutely fake.

Yellow sapphires are generally very resistant to scratches, so people should rub it against a hard material and feel the surface of the stone with their fingers. If they see any flaws visible on the surface of the gemstone or feel any scratches then it means that the gemstone should be completely avoided.

Next thing they should check is the cut of the stone, if they absorb an “X” cut it means that that the stone is fake and not genuine.

People should always find out the origin of the stone and preferably seek a certificate from a government accredited laboratory. Getting a government certification, will make them hundred percent sure of the authenticity of the stone, even though it might cost a few extra bucks, but trust me it is worth it. It will also tell them if the stone is genuine yellow sapphire or Citrine.

And finally, a yellow sapphire gemstone comes in different shades and they should preferably choose the gemstone which is more transparent as it allows easy flow of energy through it.

Remember buying a genuine gemstone is like an investment, where due to its scarcity and higher demand the prices will always keep rising just like Gold, Silver or a Diamond. A fake gemstone, on the other hand, will not bring anything, on the contrary people end up losing their hard-earned money and it does not bring any positive results either.

All being said, it is always better to consult an astrologer before wearing yellow sapphire gemstone as they will be better able to guide about its uses and impact it has on the natives life. Hope you like our article on important tips for buying original Yellow Sapphire gemstone.  You can consult our free astrologer for some free astrology at our Astrology forum.

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