Your Quick Guide to Church Denomination in Christianity

Your Quick Guide to Church Denomination in Christianity

Your Quick Guide to Church Denomination in Christianity

Are you new to church and looking to determine which denomination you are? Maybe you’re attending a different church but trying to see if it belongs to a specific denomination.

In that case, you need to know a few things about the different denominations in America today.

The denomination that a church belongs to lies in its beliefs and the religious organization that it belongs to. So what denomination am I?

Let’s answer your question by breaking down what denomination is and how you can find out what yours is.

What Is a Church Denomination?

A denomination is any group or organization that claims to be a part of Christianity. It follows certain traditions, beliefs, and practices.

Different denominations offer different levels of structure and religious worship. So it is important to understand each denomination before making a choice.

Different Types of Church Denominations

There are many different church denominations, each adhering to varying beliefs and practices. Knowing which denomination you are a part of can help you understand the various teachings and traditions that belong to it. Here is a quick guide to standard denominations:


Catholicism is the most widespread denomination. It is divided into 23 distinct churches that all trace their roots back to the Catholic Church in Rome. You can learn more info here at the link if this particular denomination interests you.


Protestantism is one of the world’s largest and most diverse Christian denominations today. It comprises dozens of smaller sub-denominations, some with distinct beliefs and traditions. The sub-denominations vary from one another and they all stem from the initial Protestant Reformation.


Evangelicals emphasize the authority of the Bible and evangelism as the primary way of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. They believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible and that Jesus is the only way to heaven.


Pentecostalism emphasizes the direct experience of the presence of God through baptism in the Holy Spirit. Members of this denomination emphasize the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They also often practice a renewal that emphasizes holiness and sanctification of life.

A Summary of How to Determine Your Denomination

To find out your denomination, you should first consider your upbringing. What religion or spiritual teachings were practiced in your home? If you were raised in a Christian household, chances are you are a Christian of some denomination.

If your beliefs changed or expanded as you aged, you may identify with a different denomination from what you were raised with. You can also be a part of multiple denominations if some of your beliefs span a variety of religious ideals. Ultimately, you will determine your denomination based on what beliefs, practices, and communities resonate with you.

Answer Your Question of ‘What Church Denomination Am I?” With This Guide

Determining the correct Church denomination for yourself can be a journey. It depends on how long you have been on a spiritual path and how much soul-searching you have done.

However, this article has given you a quick and general overview of the major Christian denominations. So decide which feels the most right for you and take the necessary steps to join that denomination.

Soon enough, you’ll have the answer to the question, “What Church denomination am I?”

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