Easy Mantra to Attract Girl for Love and Marriage

Easy Mantra to Attract Girl for Love and Marriage

Many times it is seen that you like some Girl, however, she does not respond with the same feelings or does not say anything. Which leaves you confused and don’t know what to do. Given below are two Mantra for attracting the Girl you love and getting married. This is a sacred mantra and should never be misused.

Procedure for the Mantra to attract Girl

You should do this Mantra by sitting in a secluded place. Keep a picture of the girl that you want to enchant before you. You should recite one or two rosary of this mantra for minimum 21 days. Thereafter the girl you like, will get attracted to you without much efforts. You should do this mantra for minimum 21 days and maximum 43 days to get good results. Once you have completed the 21 days you will see that the girl becomes so much overwhelmed by the passion that she will respond favorably to you. Please note that this Mantra is very sacred and should never be misused. If your feelings for the person are not sincere, if they are because of physical attraction and lust, then the mantra will not work. Do not misuse this mantra otherwise, the aspirant will face dire consequences. Hence you should use this mantra discreetly and never misuse it.

First Mantra:

ॐ शिवे भगवे भगे-भगे भगं, क्षोभय-क्षोभय, मोहय-मोहय, छादय-छादय, क्‍लेदय-क्‍लेदय क्‍लीं शरीरे ॐ फट्स्‍वाहा।

Second Mantra:

ओम कामेश्वर [Name] आनय आनय वश्यनम क्लीम |


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