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Reply To: regarding job


You are very unlikely to get a job with the Government or Govt.Owned companies since your Sun is highly malefic. Have a look at the strength and nature of planets in your horoscope.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Malefic 16.20
Moon Benefic 89.60
Mars Malefic 51.97
Mercury Malefic 76.12
Jupiter Malefic 85.94
Venus Malefic 89.42
Saturn Malefic 74.35
Rahu Malefic 49.89
Kethu Malefic 32.90

Net Malefic 64.16

However you will get an excellent job in the private sector by about mid 2021 where you will shine in your career. In the meantime make a visit to Narayanashram Via Darshula which would help you in your efforts.