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It is like going to a govt. hospital for a free checkup. You will not get good treatment. She has some more complicated reason which warrants deep investigation into the horoscope. Have a look at her planetary strengths.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Malefic 32.71
Moon Benefic 1.70
Mars Malefic 0.80
Mercury Benefic 33.44
Jupiter Benefic 32.28
Venus Malefic 51.86
Saturn Benefic 19.52
Rahu Benefic 73.09
Kethu Benefic 56.13

Net Benefic 35.36

Her moon and mars are having near-zero strength and the Sun is highly malefic too. This makes her an inactive, depressed, and moody person. May be she will show some improvement from 2022 onwards when her Rahu antardasa will be ruling in Kethu Mahadasa. However her Sun, Moon and Mars mahadasas and antardasas will be very bad.

I think she should be relocated to a far off place where her transit influences of planets will be better which can only be checked by good astrologers.