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You have a powerful horoscope from career point of view. Rahu mahadasha started from 22/10/2015 will last upto 22/10/2033 and Rahu though placed in 8th house is strong for career as its placed in nakshtra of Jupiter with Mercury as sublord. Important planets such as Saturn/Mars/Jupiter are retrograde but well placed in Chalit (Jupiter in 11th house of gains and Sat/Mars in 10th house of career) and combination of Sun & Mercury (10th & 11th lord) is good in 4th house in Chalit. Overall most planets have good combinations for success in administration/management.

If you amp-up your discipline, you can rise very high in life (chart promises opportunities, you have to go and grab them). In short term; Rahu-Jupiter, Rahu-Saturn and Rahu-Mercury from 4/7/2018 to 23/4/2026 will be excellent time career wise.

With Rahu/Jupiter/Saturn mahadasha of ~18 years each, in long term you are well positioned to succeed if you put in the hardwork.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak