Any chances for government job ?

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      Hi Sir,
      I am currently a 2nd year Btech Electronics and Communication Engineering student. Are there any chances of me getting central government jobs (railways etc. )?Any insight is highly appreciated. Thank you.

      DOB: 9th August 2001
      Time: 09:40:42 AM
      Place: Kannur,Kerala

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      Jammalamadaka venkateshwara kavi Kishore Kumar
      1. Any chance of government job when will I get job
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      In my humble opinion, the chances seem to be limited. It would help though if you were to control your wavering mind/thoughts and channel the inherent anger in the right way.

      Further, it looks like current Maha-Dasha of Ketu in general has probably been a bit challenging for you. Incidentally, you will shortly be starting your first round of Sade-Sathi or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across natal placement of Moon/Chandra. So, I’d suggest that you focus on the present, instead of thinking too far into the future.

      It would perhaps help if you were to consider offering special prayers on a regular/daily basis to Lord Ganesha, with unwavering faith, bhakti/devotion and a strong sankalpa. Chanting simple Saturn/Shani-dev’s mantras during Sade-Sathi is suggested, along with regular practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation.

      Take care…

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