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      Navneet Khanna

      SYBLE.NET is an online platform for Astrology powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). We work through our App and website Syble.Net.  We seek good Astrologers to guide people through questions and answers that come on the Syble platform. Users’ questions can be on any topic related to marriage/relationship or career/finance or health etc or any other life problems that are bugging them.

      If you are in India and looking for Astrology Jobs. Here is an excellent opportunity to work from home and earn good money.

      We are Hiring Astrologers to Answer Questions:

      Selected Astrologers are required to do the below work:

      • Astrologer should be good at reading birth charts and providing astrology guidance.
      • Astrologer Should maintain the confidentiality of the client’s details.
      •  Astrologer should respond to customer inquiries promptly and within the defined period.
      •  Astrologer should generate reports like, Education, Career, Relationship, progeny, Health, Finance etc
      •  Astrologer should maintain adheres to company policies.

      Astrology Jobs

      Hiring Astrologers for work

      Download the SYBLE ASTROLOGY APP from Below

      If you are interested call 9417884861 or leave a contact message below. 

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      Priya Chaturvedi

      I habe an experience  of about 10 years in

      VEDIC, Prashna, Muhurt and Vastu

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      B. Vijayalakshmi

      Dear sir, I am Vijayalakshmi M.A. Pub.Admn., M.A. Astrology. Aged above 50 years. I would like to join as a part time astrologer WFH in my spare time. Kindly give me an opportunity if you find me suitable for your esteemed institution.

      B. Vijayalakshmi


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      I like to join

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      Bharat sharma


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      Sarthak badhani sharma

      I am a learned astrologer… I hv 5 years  experience in this field. Astrology is my passion. I want this as a part time job. Kindly contact me if required. Thank you.

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      Anil kumar Sachdev Astrologer

      Jyotish Ratnam, 25 years experience

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      I am interested to join online job of astrologer. I pray to the competent authority if gives me a chance for interviews in your esteemed organisation, I shall be thankful to you.

      Thanking you

      contact number 9599473747

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      Sarthak badhani sharma

      I am a learned and skilled astrologer and astrology is my passion. I hv practiced all forms of astrology since my childhood. I like to join. My number:7976834306

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      Sudhakar Santhanam

      I have one year experience in horoscope analysis. I am interested in this job opportunity. I am available for interview at your convenient time.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Thanks Everyone, please whatsapp your resume / biodata to 9417884861 for astrology job.




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      Pratap Sarmah

      Contact – 8638927657

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      Raghunath Devrat

      I am astrologer,I have experience of 30 year,andi handled 5 laks of peoples means custmers in 30 years,I am interested in your  job. You can contact me on my mobile number 8975680987 and,8308570542

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      Mahajan Aditya Ramchandra

      I have 7 years of experience and think my experience really helpfull to all people and also to your website.if you think I am able for the job please contact me on 7040648617

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      Astrologer jobs

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