Broken Engagement after 3 years relationship

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      Akash Maheshwari

      There is a girl named Sanjana (19/03/91,4.15 PM,Jaipur). We were in a
      relationship for 3 years & her family was ready to get us married. They visited me
      several times at my home, I regularly met them .Suddenly 1 day they refused to
      get us married & Sanjana stopped talking to me.She blocked me from
      everywhere.The date was fixed mutually.My parents booked the venue & all &
      Sanjana participated in all things. But suddenly on 19/09/23 she just stopped
      talking to me. I don\’t know what happened & why?

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      Given that you are wanting to know why your engagement broke-up, please let me/us know if there is any good reason for you not sharing your birth-details, when in reality you’ve been quite liberal in sharing details of the girl – including her name and birth-details.

      Take care…

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        Akash Maheshwari

        Forgot by mistake sir, my details are here:

        11.03 am, Jaipur

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