Career future after 31/08/2021

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      DOB 20 september 1986

      TOB 05:25 AM

      POB Greece/Thessaloniki

      Hello,my current job contract ends 31/08/2021,after i will get automatically unemployment benefit,will i have prospects to find new job and different after this period ends,should i search from now or wait the contract to end and then start for applying new job?

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      Anyone to discuss here,it’s crucial to know.

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      J V Subbarao

      Please let me know whether the birth time 5.25 AM is included the DST.

      If I take 6.25 AM (DST inclusive) you are running Sun Dasa Saturn bhukti upto 04-feb-2022. Saturn gives mental tensions as Saturn is in 3rd house (communications, journeys etc) in its own star and sub of Moon. Moon is in 8th house (house of tensions or unexpected events). Moon is in the star of Mercury lord of 11th in 1st. So even though there are tensions, you will come out successfully with all your efforts. Next month you will find tensions.

      If I take 5.25 AM (inclusive of DST) you are running Sun Dasa Jupiter bhukti upto 28-10-2021. You may find a job between 01-06-2021 and 20-07-2021, which will not give you satisfaction. But in the coming periods monetary gain is indicating. So I hope you get the unemployment benefit.

      Note: Saturn is in the star of Saturn and sub of Moon in 8th. It gives always delays disappointments and postponements in your efforts. It is a life time phenomenon.

      Good Luck

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      It’s 5:25 AM

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