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      Namaste ,

      My daughter birth details mentioned below. She is 20 months but behind in her speech. She doesn’t respond to her name as well. I am afraid about her falling in the Austism spectrum. Kindly guide based on her horoscope and by when she will start talking and her health in general.

      dob – 15 April 2022

      time- 6.25 pm

      place – Hyderabad, telangana

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      She will be having normal speech by around 2028 by which time her health also will improve. For full details come through paid consultation for a detailed evaluation of her horoscope.

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      The birth-details shared seems to place Ascendent or Udaya Lagna in a Cusp, at the edge of Virgo/Kanya and Libra/Tula Rashi and seems to have barely crossed over to Libra/Tula Rashi. The birth-time seems to be have been rounded off. There seems to be a good possibility of birth time being a few minutes earlier. If true (personally, I’m inclined to think this to be the case due the timing of the stated problem), things could be a bit more critical.

      In any case, Mercury/Budha is placed close to Mrityu Bhaga and within the fatal Trimsamsa degrees. Mars/Kuja and Saturn/Shani-dev being posited in the Lunar Constellation of Dhanista Nakshatra ruled by Mars/Kuja is not a good sign.

      Given the situation, it might not be a bad idea to consider seeking a qualified medical opinion, along with suitable remedial action.

      Take care…


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